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About Us

About Hong Kong Jockey Club Drug InfoCentre (DIC)

Having established in 2004, Hong Kong Jockey Club Drug InfoCentre (DIC) hosts the first permanent exhibition that features anti-drug education in Hong Kong, welcoming the public with free admission. The 900 sq.m. two-storeyed exhibition hall comprises the three core areas of the exhibition (Host/Agent/Environment) on the lower floor and then, on the mezzanine level, a library, an info cafe, a multi-purpose classroom, a thematic exhibition area and an interactive theatre.

For more details about the DIC , please visit:

House Rules (Please click the link)

  1. This Centre is admission free and open for public visit.
  2. Smoking, running or yelling in the Centre is not allowed.
  3. No unauthorised eating in the Centre is allowed.
  4. No unauthorised video taking, audio tape recording, or use of any reproduction appliances is allowed within the Centre.
  5. No person shall handle, disturb or otherwise interfere with any exhibit.
  6. Throwing objects, employing foul language and behaving in a disorderly manner in the Centre are prohibited.
  7. No person shall enter any part of the Centre which is not open for the public.
  8. No banners, buntings, flyers or publicity materials of any kind shall be displayed in the Centre without the permission of Centre staff.
  9. No promotional materials, souvenirs and give-away items shall be distributed in the Centre without the permission of Centre staff.
  10. No person shall wilfully obstruct any member of the staff in performing his duty or wilfully obstruct, disturb, interrupt or annoy any other person in using the Centre or of any of the facilities provided therein.
  11. No person shall wilfully write upon, mark, soil or otherwise damage in anyway whatever or destroy any wall, door, furniture, fitting or other thing in the Centre, or any exhibit. Visitors/users shall indemnify the Centre against any losses, damages or expenses incurred to the Centre arising from a breach of these guidelines. A charge will be made for any Centre exhibit lost or damaged, which will be such sum as the Centre staff considers necessary to replace the exhibit or set of exhibits which the Centre exhibit forms a part.
  12. The Centre staff reserves the right to ask any person not using the Centre facilities, exhibits or materials properly and correctly to stop their activities or leave the Centre.
  13. If there are too many visitors at the Centre, we will arrange the admission on a first come, first served basis according to the capacity of the Centre.
  14. Please do not leave your belongings unattended. The Centre is not responsible for the safe custody and/or loss of personal property brought to and/or left in the Centre.
  15. No person shall borrow any exhibit from the Centre except in accordance with a permit granted by the Centre.
  16. This Centre reserves the right and is entitled to change, alter, add, delete, suspend, revise and update all information on this “House Rules” at any time at its absolute discretion without giving any reasons and prior notice.

1. Group Visits

We welcome advance bookings from groups of 20 or more and would be happy to arrange educational programmes for group visitors. For bookings, please call 2867 2748 or 2867 2831.

Notes on Application (Please click the link)

  1. Groups of 20 or more are welcome to apply for guided tour service and drug education programme. These services are only available during the opening hours of the Drug InfoCentre (DIC) which are from 10 am to 6 pm daily, except Sundays and Public Holidays.
  2. Applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis. Please call 2867 2748 or 2867 2831 during the opening hours of the DIC for reservation first, and then fax the completed application form to 3165 1360 after the telephone booking.
  3. Successful application will be confirmed in writing. Please present the confirmation letter upon admission.
  4. Please arrive on time on the day of visit in order not to cause any disruption to the visiting schedule and other arrangements. Pre-booked services may be cancelled if show up more than 30 minutes behind schedule.
  5. If there are too many visitors at the DIC, arrangements will be made for visitors to be admitted in batches in the light of the capacity of the DIC.
  6. The Management of DrugInfo Centre reserves the right of re-scheduling the date if necessary.
  7. Group leaders should maintain the order of their members and ensure their compliance with the rules and regulations of the DIC. Group leaders should gather their members together and make a head count before leaving.
  8. Please do not use loudspeaker in the centre. Group leaders may approach the DIC staff for assistance.
  9. Smoking, playing, eating, drinking or unauthorised video-taking (except those with prior written permission) are strictly prohibited within the area of the DIC.
  10. Group leaders should always watch over their members to ensure their safety during the visit. Visitors should not run, sit or play on the stairs. In case of accidents or emergencies, please approach the DIC staff for assistance immediately. The DIC reserves the right for any recourse actions.
  11. The DIC staff reserves the right to stop visitors from performing any annoying behaviour and ask the visitor(s) concerned to leave immediately.
  12. Please read the detailed arrangements under inclement weather conditions. School visits and relevant services will be cancelled when an announcement is made by the Education Bureau that all schools are to be closed.
  13. Applicants have the right to request access to and correction of personal data as stated in this form in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. Enquiries concerning the personal data collected in this form, including the request for access and corrections, should be addressed to the Centre-in-charge, HKJC Drug InfoCentre, R/F, Low Block, Queensway Government Offices, Admiralty, Hong Kong (Tel. No.: 2867 2764).

Application Form

2. Visitors with Disabilities

The Centre is fully wheelchair accessible. Please ask for details at the Reception Desk or call 2867 2831

3. Special Arrangements Under Inclement Weather Conditions (Please click the link)

4. Location and Information

  • Address: Roof Floor, Low Block, Queensway Government Offices, 66 Queensway, Hong Kong (Admiralty MTR Station - Exit C1)
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 10:00am -6:00p.m (Close on Sundays and public holidays)
  • Free admission

5. Location Map

Location Map